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Sunday, April 13, 2014


Look here how to simple get FREE traffic to your website. No big secrets, no clicking needed on hidden URL, simple use 2 websites and get FREE traffic, followers on Twitter, Likes on Facebook and more !

Thursday, April 10, 2014 is Hiring people !

There is a new website where Freelancers can sell there Gigs ! Yes, is the place !
Are you a freelance Writer, Programmer or Designer (Or do you have any other skills) that you would be able to sell, then you can start selling that on

And the best part is that is looking for people to hire to improve there website. They will look at your skills when you sign up and create gigs on there website and will hire those people who are good in there gigs!

Register today ! And sell your gigs!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Selling and buying websites ? Is it proffitable ?

A lot of people ask me if there can be made money in selling and buying websites?
 Can it be done? Yes, you can make a profit. I make sometimes websites that after a while I do not want to use anymore. Sometimes simple because I do not have the time for it, sometimes because I lost my interest in it, and sometimes simple because I created the website to make a profit.

Take for example this website that I will start offering for sale soon : (And yes, you can visit it :-)

When I created this website I was interested in Stocks and wanted to learn about it. Because I simple do NOT have the time anymore for this, I am gonna sell this domain name with the content on it.

The time and afford I have put in to it  need to come out of this, so the price will be according that.
But I hear you asking already "What is the best way to sell a website online ?"

There are several ways to sell your website. Look at it for example on how you would sell something else. You can place it for sale on Ebay? Or you can sell it at your local shop by placing it on a message board.

The only problem with the last part is that you will not get that many people that are doing there local shopping also need to have a website. So the best option is still online with websites that have a lot of traffic. So ebay is one option. Or find a website that specialized in that what you need. Like Flippa.

So I did go with Flippa, and placed for sale!

And this is how you do that :

Friday, September 6, 2013

Website Traffic and Generators ??

Today I want to write something about website traffic. Why? I hear you ask! Simple. There are a lot of people that are looking on how to get fast a lot of traffic (Did you know that the word Traffic is a high Keyword :-)

There is a big change that you also found my article about this because you where looking for:

"Website Traffic", "Traffic" or something similar.

But okay, why I write this article is just simple to warn you about something.
There are a lot of people that claim to have the perfect system to get traffic. With the best programs available. But do NOT trust it. Why, simple, here are some reasons:

  1. When you BUY traffic, it is probably traffic from software (So NO real people.)
  2. If you get links from social media, they can actual work against you, because the social media will ban your account, and remove your ads. 
  3. If you buy traffic from someone on, for example, you never know where they will place your links, and in what way that will harm your website / business.   
All together you can better do what you need to do with your website. Write informative original articles. Do not copy / paste content simple because you like to have content on your website.
As you can see I write my own articles. (Maybe not in that good English, but he, I am Dutch, so sorry)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Website Hosting! How important is this ?

There are a lot of websites on the internet. And they all need HOSTING. A place on a server that will show your website when people are going too your domain name.

Simple as that. But there are many hosting providers. And that is what I like to talk about here.

If you check the website then you see just a few of them. is a review website where you can actual tell your experience with a hosting company.
There are a lot of different hosting providers. That are offering different kind of services. With the most hosting companies you can claim a domain name (Sometimes you can get it for free when you by hosting)
Get different kind of hosting, like Shared, reseller, VPS, SEO, Free Hosting. There are even special hosting businesses for Adult website hosting. (Yes, sometimes you can see them on regular hosting, but most of the time they are on special hosting for Adult websites. And in most of the time they cost more as well.)

All the information about this can be found on

And the best part is that you as a hosting user can also tell you own experience wit your hosting company (good or bad) there.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Ease Of Making Lots Of Money

I was asked how I make my money. Here is a fast way to do so, just follow all the steps below, and start making your money online :

Use a shorter here too make money :

Then you can make links with above like this :

For example this is going too a website where you can download FREE unlimited mp3 songs ....

Then you register here :

Where you actual create your new account (Just sign-up) and then you start tweeting your above links.

Need more ideas too make money online?

Okay. Here is another one ....

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Make money by posting into forums!

Yes, now you can make money by simple doing what you already did. Posting into on
forums. Just register, and see how fast you can make money:

Earn Money Posting in Forums

It is something new. Not convinced? Let me go and explain how it works.
when you have to register
Go into postloop and register there on the forum. It is an test forum where they can see if you can post and make good post After 10 post, they (postview) review you and will except you if your post was good.

No need to read any further if you where not accepted.
Now that you are accepted you can start making money by posting on the forums that are registered.